Coir Weedguard

  • Made from natural coconut fiber and natural rubber.
  • Made of renewable resources so it is completely biodegradable and a 100% environmentally friendly with no harmful byproducts whatsoever.
  • Our coco weedguards are placed on top of the soil restricting the growth of any weeds or fungus surrounding the plant but allowing water, air and nutrients to get to the plant roots.
  • These weedguards naturally contain tannic acid which also restricts the growth of fungus and mold.
  • Weeds will effectively be reduced by 90-95% which translates to a very large savings in labour and in the fact that no Herbicides are needed.
  • A nursery that would need a crew to weed at least ten times a season would only need to weed once or twice a season using our weedguards.
  • Reduces irrigation intervals by 10-15% while also reducing amount and rate of water evaporating.
  • Water from sprinklers or rain is trapped far more easily in the rough surfaces of the weedguard than with soil and would not bounce of the guards like it does with soil.