Coir Pot

  • Our coir pots are made from natural coconut fiber and natural rubber. Therefore these pots are made of renewable resources so it is completely biodegradable and a 100% environmentally friendly. The coconut fiber or coir pots can be planted along the plants leaving no waste to dispose of at a jobsite afterwards.
    Unlike plastic pots, transplantation and transportation is easier since the plant does not have to be removed from the pot. Plants have close to a 100% survival rate when replanted since there is no soil shock. Since there is no root binding, the roots of the plants grow through the walls of these pots and are air pruned resulting in the growth of more roots and a fibrous root system which gives greater overall yields.
    Coconut fiber naturally contains tannic acid which inhibits the development of fungus and mold. Coir pots are ideal for delicate plants such as Bougainvillea and other hard to extract plants. Simply place your germinated seed into our pots along with soil and watch your plants blossom.